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Agriculture Packaging

Packaging for agriculture for food industries Quality packages are an inseparable part of the food industry and enable the preservation of product hygiene, an extension of shelf life, and an aesthetic display that helps the sales process

35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing disposable vacuum packaging Forming Formats for the food industry, assuring the customers of the highest quality packaging, with a smooth appearance and smooth finish. VakuPack supplies packages to all the largest food manufacturers in Israel, to factories as well as to pastry shops and confectioneries throughout the country. The range of packages developed by EcoPack is suitable for packaging all types of products: baked goods, cakes, cheeses, meat products, agricultural packaging and more.

The packaging is manufactured at a varying opacity level, as needed. All raw materials with which the company works are approved for contact with food by the Ministry of Health, and have been tested and approved by the Israel Standards Institute and research laboratories, and have additional international standards.

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