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Quality Management

Quality policy

The Company’s management recognizes that compliance with competitive market conditions requires the provision of reliable and efficient service to customers, strict adherence to product safety requirements, and ensuring high and consistent quality of all products manufactured by the Company. For this purpose, a ISO 9001 quality management system was established and operated.    The Company’s quality management system is designed to increase the satisfaction of the Company’s customers, while reducing production costs, maintaining the Company’s profitability, and maintaining the following issues:

Full adaptation of the Company’s products to the requirements and needs of the customers. Compliance with all product safety requirements at all stages of production, storage and supply. Compliance with supply dates and accompanying requirements of customers. Providing professional and good service to customers and responding to their requests, even after supplying the product. Increasing awareness among all employees of the company of the importance of quality. Increase awareness among suppliers to meet quality requirements. The Company’s management is committed to taking all possible steps to ensure a continuous and continuous process of improvements in the safety and quality of the products and the service that the Company provides to its customers.  The Company’s management is aware that the safety and quality of the products and services depends on the involvement and activity of all Company employees, at all levels, in achieving the Company’s goals. Management will allocate the necessary resources, set measurable quality goals, ensure that employees are trained, and conduct surveys and audits to test the implementation of the procedures and to determine options for improvements in the quality management system.

The management shall ensure compliance with all laws, regulations and standards that relate to the Company’s operations. Shai Shama, CEO Rami Sasson, Marketing and Customer Relations Manager Eric Mermelstein, Operations Manage

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